Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bryleigh's Dedication & Mother's Day

The weekend weather was BEAUTIFUL!  Even me, who LOVES cloudy days - LOVED the sun & gentle breeze...

We started off w/Bry's Dedication on Saturday.  It was beautiful..the Church prayed with her & we hope that we are able to share our beliefs & nurture her as she finds hers.

After the Dedication, we went home & relaxed for the evening.  It was just one of those days where we didn't have the energy to do anything. 

Sunday Morning I was woke up by the girls at 9:45 (WOOHOO-got to sleep in!) & was brought out to a wonderful pancake breakfast made by Dennis :)

I was given my adorable Mother's day gifts from Cadence...

and from Dennis....

Dennis took the girls to the park for awhile & I read my book in the quiet house.  However, Quinn & Lola took the girls spots & laid on me while I read..haha..
WHen they got home, we headed over to Shannon's for a cookout. These are the only pics I got while there..
Cai w/longer BROWN hair  :)

Bry w/longer hair!

After the cookout, we stopped at Marge's for a little while. By the time we got home it was 10:30! My girls were on serious sensory overload! They were having a meltdown walking from the van to the was CRAZY.
We put them to bed as soon as we walked in the door & they slept wonderfully all nite...phew.

My Mother's Day was perfect b/c I spent it w/the best guy & 2 little people in my world!

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