Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My little Duchess

When I think back to Cai as a toddler, I remember this loving, sweet, innocent little girl. She really was a sweetheart. I mean she had her days…

What kid doesn’t? But as I watch Bry go through her toddler stage – she is completely opposite.

She’s mischievous & so funny. She makes me laugh all the time. And she does have a bit of a mean streak.

She pouts a lot (something she clearly has learned from her big sister), she throws tantrums – full on, throwing herself to the floor, kicking her tiny little legs & screaming tantrums.

Even though I know it’s not a good example – I LAUGH.
It’s funny to me…I really don’t know why b/c when Cai does it – I send her to her room. I just find humor in this little person with such a big attitude.

When Cai was about 2 she started taking her diaper off…all.the.time. It was so gross, pee/poop/dry – didn’t matter – she loved tearing them off. Some sort of diaper cover was mandatory during this stage!
Bry seems to be ahead of her sister in the diaper tearing off stage b/c she’s already doing it. Super fantastic. This was a stage I didn’t miss one, single, little bit!

I read Kelly’s Korner Blog every few days & I’ve seen that her oldest is in a similar stage. She undresses completely…but I wonder if she has the problem of hers peeing on the carpets & beds..

Yep – a few weeks ago B took off her diaper & after running around bare-butt she stopped to get a diaper & peed on the carpet. Are you kidding me?!

I can’t even count how many times I’ve gone to get her out of bed in the morning & she’s naked & her bed is peed on.
I mean come on…must you do this? I figured this meant she was ready for potty training…nope…she shows no interest.

The cherry topper came when Cai said "Mommy – look what I just found" & proceeded to shove a diaper B had taken off w/poop in it.
What the hell Cai – get that out of my face.
So I yell for B to come to me so I can get a diaper on her.

Cai informs me – "Oh no Mommy, this is from last nite when she took it off. I couldn’t find it & Daddy couldn’t either, so we gave up – it was under the table..hehe.."
My friend’s son couldn’t say his th’s for a long time, so he would say ‘mom, I’m gonna frow up in my mouf’. She & I say that a lot to each other…
Well this was a for sure 'I'm gonna frow up in my mouf' event.

Oh BryBry…why must you be such a cute little turd?!
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