Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Concert!

Friday morning Cadence's school had Mornings w/Mom for Mother's Day.

After the morning treat with Cadence, we headed up to the book fair...did a little damage there...

Can you guess what Cai's favorite book is out of all of these?  Justin Bieber of course!

That afternoon the kindergarten classes had a Mother's Day concert. I felt super special!

After the concert, I headed back to work & Cadence finished the rest of the school day.
When she got home, she brought with her a little gift back full of goodies from her student teacher Ms. Chelsea. It was her last day, as she had now graduated & was looking for her own full time job!

Kennedy came to stay the night w/Cai, so we had the girls outside running for most of the evening. We wanted to make sure they got all their energy out before it was time to come in & lie down! HA!
They played tag & explored the yard & then we got out the jeep. They rode it in the drove, while they other chased behind them..they took turns doing this for about an hour.

It worked & they were knocked out by 11! I was asleep minutes later...but when I woke up to Quinn jumping in our bed around midnite, Dennis was still watching tv!

Looking forward to Bry's Dedication this evening! Thanking God for my wonderful blessings!

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