Monday, May 2, 2011

Yep - it's friends are the coolest!

I have some really great friends...wayyyy too many to list, but today I'm going to write about Andrea. 

She is young & very kind & sweet.  She clearly gets it from her parents - who are also beyond sweet.
How cute are these shoes?

Cadence had been BEGGING for a pair of Twinkle Toes & for her b/day Andrea not only got her a pair, but got Bry a matching pair!
Here are the girls opening their Easter gifts from Andrea :)

Bry loved the golf clubs - she chased Cai around with them...and Cai loved the stepping stone - it took overnite to set, but she was too excited to paint it the next evening...

I don't even know how to thank her...she says she enjoys it & doesn't want anything in return...but we love getting her stuff. Cai LOVES picking things out for her - which is good b/c she has better taste then me - ha!
Thanks Andrea, for being a great friend - not just spoiling my girls w/attention & gifts, but for listening to me when I'm crying or just needing to vent!  You totally rock!

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