Sunday, May 15, 2011


Nothing serious happened to anyONE...but something serious happened to blog

I'm really bummed because I put a lot of time into quite a few future posts. Of course I saved a lot of them on Wednesday - the day blogger got all jacked up.

None of my drafts or posts from Wed are there. Okay - it was two posts - 1 short & 1 long, one VERY LONG draft & one 1/2 of a post. Also 2 pictures I added to older posts.


Monica, over at The Writer Chic, suggested in my facebook rant about the above to use Windows Live as it was unaffected during Bloggers issues.

I like it for editing & uploading pictures & had never used it to write or save as a draft, but I guess that is the route I'm taking now!

I'm going to work on some more drafts the next couple of days - try to remember what I wrote on the other one...

Until I get those up & posted (tomorrow will be the regularly scheduled My Monday Meal) - take a gander at these beauts...

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