Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Voice- Recap (5/10) (late due to Blogger crashing)

I'm not gonna lie - this show is my crack. I'm just absolutely addicted to it!

When Frenchie & the other girl went on, I wanted Frenchie to win. I thought she sounded better- the other girl was trying too hard to show her up & just not working the music - she was working to show her voice, which in my opinion is what gave Frenchie the advantage.

Blake Shelton's team went up & without a doubt Tyler should have won! The judges agreed yet Blake chose Patrick. So disappointing. Immediately I thought it was b/c they were both country singers. Then I thought & b/c Tyler is gay. Later a tweet was brought to attention where Blake tweeted "that he was rewriting his favorite Shania Twain song. "Any man that tries Touching my behind He's gonna be a beaten, bleedin', heaving kind of guy." Sounds a little homophobic to me....and to GLADD...they responded he needed to apologize right away & he did...but usually when people say 'I'm just kidding' they weren't - they were just embarrassed they were criticized about their statement.

So now we have, Frenchie & was Adam's team & I thought Casey was great. The guy wasn't bad either - but it was amazing how much Casey sounded like Stevie Nicks!! Girlfriend ROCKED it!

Finally was CeeLo's team and holy crap what a pair up!

The picture below was the best part of the nite - these girls KICKED SERIOUS ASS!

They complimented each other so well - and I could not even imagine having to choose one.

Vicci won & I was happy - of the 4 people that won Vicci was my favorite. I mean I felt her voice & her emotion - I loved her.

Now I have 3 more freakin days to wait for the next episode. I CANNOT wait! Adam - CeeLo - I big, puffy irregular-HEART-beat you! MUAH!

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