Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Voice - my new addiction!!

I HATE reality shows - HATE them...well except for Kendra. Anyway, one of the shows I really dislike is American Idol. I think the judges can be pretty negative & for the contestants really going up there to try out, that takes a lot of nerve.
Let me get off AI & move on to my new addiction...The Voice. There are 4 judges who sit in big chairs with the back to the singer. The singer (already pre-chosen & w/a good voice) sings a song. The judge has to decide of they want the singer on their team completely off of their voice. I LOVE IT. It's so fair & honest & when more than one judge turns around, the singer gets to choose which judge they go with. So the judges are brutally honest about what they like about that singer!
Tonite is a new episode - woohoo!
Right now I'm soo team Adam it's crazy. I love him & his people that he has so far..especially this guy Jeff Jenkins! He is by far my favorite of the group so far.

Oh & I do like the bald chic that is w/Christina...she rocked it!
Can't wait to see what tonite brings!

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