Thursday, May 19, 2011

I (irregular)HEART(beat) Blogger again!

Blogger finally put up a form for people to fill out if you lost content during their outage last week. I filled mine out & by the next day (5/18) all of my posts were back! WOO-HOO!

My goal is to now draft posts somewhere else before I put it on Blogger. I have a few that I’m working on now, including my most recent The Voice update, Cadence riding a bike w/o training wheels, Bryleigh’s use of a foot massager & Cai reading to us!!

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to spending time with Sarah – my wonderful-more-like-a-sister-than-cousin, cousin…our kids will run around terrorizing each other & she & I will talk.
Saturday is the Rally by the Rails parade & Cadence’s team will be participating in that.
After we’ll swing by Selena’s graduation (HOLY SHIT – HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!)
& end the day w/a bbq with our wonderful friends, Selena & Jeff.
Sunday will hopefully be all about relaxing, but at some point during the weekend we have to stain the decks, plant more grass seed & paint the trim on the shed…

Sounds like a pretty awesome weekend to me (except the yard work part)!! I hope you have lots of fun things in store for yours.

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