Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Things You Probably Didn't Know..

• I would love to visit Ireland one day.
• I have always wanted 5 children.
• I have never broken a bone or had stitches
• Cadence’s middle name is my gramma’s 1st name
• I could live on black olives!
• I have never missed an episode of NCIS
• I have one sister and one brother both are younger than me.
• I rarely eat breakfast foods, for breakfast...
• I prefer texting to calling
• I lived in New Mexico when I was 4 yrs old on an AFB w/my mom & aunt
• Even though I understand more at Cedar Creek Church – I firmly believe in the Sacraments at the Catholic Church – so the girls will make theirs at the proper ages – both were baptized as infants the Cathedral as well as being Dedicated @ Cedar Creek
• My heart went into afib on New Years Eve & I had to be put on medicine to regulate it. After all the diagnostic tests came back – it said my heart was as healthy as a 20 yr olds – they have no idea why it happened.
• I’m overly tired this morning & trying to think of a random post until I finish my ‘real’ posts..but you probably figured that out already!

Thanks for bearing with me.

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