Monday, May 23, 2011

The Voice Recap - 5/18/11

When the show started - I, of course, was on pins & needles. My favorite show was on & nothing else mattered...crying children, pouty husbands, whiny dogs - NOTHING :)

CeeLo's team was Nakia & Tje. I LOVED Tje..but once they started singing - I was feeling Nakia. He was amazing! AND he won the round!

Christina had Bev & Justin.  From the first time I heard Beverly sing - I was digging her voice - she rocked it & Christina was feeling it too because she chose Beverly over Justin...

Blake paired up the husband wife duo Elenowen with Jared.  I really don't care for Blake which in turn makes me feel pretty non-chalant about his team - but I really thought Jared tore it up - thankfully Blake did too & Jared has advanced to the live shows - woot, woot!

Finally - my favorite - Team Adam...he put together Javier & Angela.  She was a 2nd chancer & was ehh..  Javier was awesome from the start - ever judge turned when he did his blind audition - he IS GOOD.  I think that was why Adam paired the two of them.  It was going to be easier to pick because Javier is just better all around.  Not to mention super duper cute!
Angela did well, but not well enough to continue...Javier tko'd that round & now we wait for next week's pair ups!

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