Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Zoo Day - UPDATED!

Think back...for those as old as me – think WAAAYYYY back to when you were in grade school & you took your first field trip…remember how excited you were?!

Well that’s how Cai feels this morning!! Check out this big smile…

No one, Mother Nature included, can rain on her parade…though I’m fairly certain Mother Nature is going to rain on her parade.

We’ve known for about two months when 5/10 got here it was a trip to the zoo for the kindergarten classes. If we dare to forget this information, Cai was there to remind us…over and over and over and..well you get it.

Yesterday when she was saying her prayers she said “and please don’t let it rain a lot tomorrow – thanks”.. I smiled thinking back to how exciting field trips were. ESPECIALLY zoo field trips.

As I drove in to work this morning, I saw a lot of this….

I’m hoping it doesn’t affect her day! I can’t wait to see her tonite & hear all about her trip.

I hope Mother Nature doesn't rain on your parade today!

Mother Nature cut the kids a break & Cadence had a blast at the zoo! Her face was painted like a cat - though you can't tell here...

and she was extremely exhausted tonite...she said 'it was my best day ever'. :)

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